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Step one is getting to know our three PSI tools: Empathy, Mindset and Energy. In comparison to a cell phone, Empathy is the signal needed to make a call. Mindset acts as your transmitter and receiver. Energy is the electricity needed to run the phone. Extreme emotions or lack of empathy = no dial tone. An alert or thought-filled mind = poor reception. Physical tension or lack of subtle energy = dead battery.


Telekinesis is all about balancing the left and right hemisphere of the brain and maintaining an equal balance of empathy, mindset and energy,; in other words mastery of one’s mind, body and spirit. As with most psychic skills, telekinesis is a natural side effect of self-mastery.


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Control the force you shall not, but know thyself and the force becometh you shall.




We must use empathy to feel our targets because we cannot move what we cannot feel. So what is empathy?  It is the ability to identify with and relate to something’s or somebody else's feelings to such a degree you can feel what they feel. A crude but perfect example would be if watching someone vomit makes you nauseas or triggers a gag reflex you are experiencing empathy. Feeling sorry for the sick person but experiencing no nausea yourself is sympathy. Empathy can also mean the transfer of your own feelings and emotions to an object, person, plant, animal or element.


I explain how to use directed energy and attention to acquire empathy in great detail at but here is the gist of it. Quiet and still your mind. Fully relax your body to a point of numbness. Now practice moving and focusing all of your awareness to specific parts of your body, like say your big toe. Do you notice how shifting your full attention to your toe amplifies the sensation to such a degree you can now feel your pulse, or the threads in the fabric of your sock ,or the texture of the floor, etc.? Congratulations! This is how we perform telekinesis except we move our energy and awareness beyond the body and into an object via empathy and imagination.


Empathizing with people is easy unless you’re a psychopath, but empathy with matter takes practice. As explained briefly in tutorial one, we use familiarization and imagination to acquire empathy. Get to know your target intimately. Examine it closely memorizing the weight, texture, shape, color, smell and so on. If possible balance your target and note the exact point of equilibrium. Examine how it naturally falls through the air or how it rolls, teeters, or spins on its axis. Be a superhuman 5-D scanner and absorb as much detailed information about your target as possible, as if you are about to constructing an exact replica entirely from memory.


The more we familiarize ourselves with our targets the easier it becomes to imagine how it feels to be that target. Another way to increase our empathy with a target is called “bonding”.  To bond with a target we simple keep the object in our possession for several hours, days, weeks or longer. Maintaining physical contact with an object for an extended period of time leaves our energetic imprint on the object.  A strong energetic imprint caused by bonding can be detected psychically using a process called Psychometry.  Our goal here is not to detect our impression, but rather use this natural energetic connection to amplify our telekinetic  communications with our target.  Choose a target that will fit in your pocket and carry it with you whenever possible.









In addition to energetic bonding there is a mental process called “charging”. To charge a target hold it in your right hand (right hand is for giving, left is for receiving) and project your telekinetic intentions into the target. For example you might hold the piece of foil you plan to use for a psi-wheel and begin mentally saying the word “spin”, or “turn”. Do this repeatedly and try to attach the sensation of spinning to the word..  Use 50% thought and 50% emotion.


The longer we charge the better but perhaps the most important aspects of charging are clarity and compassion.  Matter is 99.999% empty space, however the empty space is anything but empty.  I;ll spare you my theology, but I basically believe that empty space is filled with the Creator’s consciousness.  Matter, much like the human mind, is programmable. We can use the repetition of emotionally charged words to influence behavior.  










Now that we have bonded and charged our target, and  created an exact mental replica of our target using our five senses, we must now become as one using our imagination. Sadly, most of us lost our natural psychic abilities during the indoctrination process we call “school”. The relentless over stimulation of the left brain (logical mind) and the deliberate neglect of right brain (creative mind) activity left us mentally imbalanced and nearly incapable of original, intuitive and creative thought. Imagination has little to nothing to do with logic or intelligence. Imagination, creativity and inspiration are all functions of the right brain or our “spiritual” side.


The great shamans, mystics and magi of antiquity often said “the keys to the magical kingdom are empathy and imagination”. Based on my experience this is the indisputable truth, but the occult portion of this riddle is you have to stack up three identical blocks vertically in order to reach the keyhole. The three blocks are metaphors for our mind, body and spirit.  I assure you empathy is the key to learning TK, but to open a door you must also turn the knob (mindset) and  swing the door. (energy). Or as Yota might say, control the force you shall not, but know thyself and the force becometh you shall.  








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“Trebor your tutorials are fantastic! Dude I was able to move my lil psi wheel in less than 3 days with no hands and using what you call "empathy" I held my breath in to make sure I wasn't moving it.”  ~R. Hartman




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