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Greetings. My name is Robert Allen aka Trebor Seven. I am a practitioner and teacher of Telekinesis. This website and were created to help people discover and develop their natural psychic abilities.  

As you will soon discover telekinesis is not a myth or some rare psychic phenomenon. We can all learn how to perform Telekinesis and the best part is it is safe, simple and free!   

The suggestions provided in these five tutorials, along with the information on this website, have helped thousands of people just like you learn to perform telekinesis. Testimonies  

My Experience


After a few months of daily meditation and Qi Gong exercises I inadvertently discovered my telekinetic ability. Based on my experience learning and teaching telekinesis (TK)  I believe TK is a natural occurrence created when the human energy field (aka aura, Merkaba or light-body) is charged with subtle energy and our thoughts and emotions are subdued and balanced.  Since March of 2011, this approach has helped thousands of people from all walks of life discover and improve their telekinetic abilities. Demonstrations



Learn for Free


I am living proof that ordinary people can develop psychic abilities from scratch for free. The learning process and time varies from a few minutes to several months of daily practice. Unlike schools of indoctrination where the curriculum is standardized to a “one size fits all” dictatorship, my teachings are based on experience and offered as building blocks upon which you can develop your own methods and theology for learning telekinesis. There are no rules or regulations. Simply review this site, watch the free tutorials and practice at your own pace.  Though it may speed the process, you don’t have to spend money on Qi Gong lessons, Ormus, crystals or advanced teachings. I learned TK without them and so can you.  Free Tutorials




Private Schools


My teachings are free but some are not suitable for the general public so I created a private website. The small one-time fee to join helps keep out the trolls, haters and folks who may be too young to understand and employ  advanced methods. This free website is usually enough for people to get experiential proof that telekinesis is real. If you wish to learn more or need a little extra help getting started I recommend joining an energy and enlightenment school like:,, MindPossible,



About offers affordable private Psychokinesis mentorship via Skype, phone, forum and email. For a small, one-time fee you receive a lifetime membership to Trebor’s private Psychokinesis forum and access to exclusive videos, articles, and tutorials. Plus get live one-on-one guidance and mentoring from a real practitioner of: Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Biokinesis, Electrokinesis,  Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis and more.





Avatar Energy Master

PSI Boosting Elixirs


The three tools I use for telekinesis are: Empathy, Mindset and Energy. Empathy relates to our emotions. Mindset refers to our thoughts. Energy meaning “chi” or the subtle-energy within and around our body.  After much research I have discovered a few safe, legal and all-natural supplements that help to prepare the mind, body and emotions for optimum telekinesis. If you’re looking for effective PSI boosting supplements please visit



Avoid EMF and Fluoride


Sodium fluoride is a poison that calcifies the Pineal gland making TK nearly impossible. Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) opens the blood brain barrier and allows the subtle energy to escape our bodies. Cell phones operate at the same frequencies as our brain which interferes with telekinetic communications. Avoid EMF by reducing or eliminating your exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi and microwaves.  Salt baths and consuming Ormus and alkaline foods will help you heal from calcification and EMF exposure.  Bathing Salts  EMF Protection  Toothpaste  Ormus



Getting Started


Telekinesis, when performed properly, is effortless and may even seem accidental at first. It works best when our mind is void of thought allowing our brainwaves to drop down into the low Beta to upper Alpha range. High energy, calm emotions and slow brainwaves is the recipe for success. This is why energy-work followed by no-thought meditation and a nonchalant approach optimizes telekinetic abilities. This method is tried and true. It is ultimately your level of mastery over mind, body and emotions that determines how well and how quickly these techniques will work for you.  Continue


Step One

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“I appreciate your video series and have been using your advice to develop my skills. Your insights are often exactly what I have been experiencing and the validation is helpful.”


                                                                                    ~Dr Jeff Tarrant  Ph.D.,BCN, D.CEP., Licensed Psychologist



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