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Here are some quotes from my You Tube channel. Of course I hear my share of the “F” word (i.e. Fake), but more and more people are converting from curious viewers to real practitioners every day. I hope these comments and usernames will help you find an online friend or give you that little extra boost of confidence we all need to begin our telekinetic endeavors.~Trebor

“Trebor: I appreciate your video series and have been using your advice to develop my skills. Your insights are often exactly what I have been experiencing and the validation is helpful. I would like to get in touch with you off of the youtube comment section as I have been doing a systematic study of brainwaves of Mediums, psychics and healers and I would love to talk with you about the possibility of doing something similar with you. If you have an email address you are willing to share that would be great. Thanks” ~Dr Jeff Tarrant Ph.D., BCN, D.CEP., Licensed Psychologist


“Thanks for all your videos. Especially part one. This video started it off for me. Been trying for weeks. But after watching your vids, it only took a couple days. Great advice. And thank you so much.” ~Manny T


“I posted a video on my channel of me using your knowledge to move foil. :) thanks again my whole world has opened up you have no idea, we'll maybe ya do haha” ~Moni Martinez


“Sir i did it whithin the 15 minutes of practicing, i think its amazing and i want to learn more!! I did it without hands, i dont know if you believe me but im amazed.” ~102 Francisco Alberto Corcuera Favela


“it really #### works.... i dont believe im doing it, i was reading through to comments expecting someone to disprove this, and even for a while i was trying to convince myself i was accidentaly blowing it, but i can do it from across my room! thanks for making this video man!” ~Fuzzman57Gaming


“i just tried the Psi Wheel and it IS working... (im using the tech. Trebor Seven uses)” ~Jack Doss


“I'm so thankful, that i found this video. I started with TK couple weeks ago, but with negative results. I always felt like i'm totally different than others, like no one can understand me. I just wanted to be different. I tried your tutorial, step by step, i'm more relaxed and it works! It's just amazing ability. Now i believe that everyone can do that! Please keep posting! NAMASTE.” ~George Nyvlt


“OMG! All the time i believed that this is fake! and now i try it out and yeah i just moved my first thing :)) Thank you very much mate :)” ~Rolandas Vyniautas


“So I've been practicing martial arts for 12 years now and I was kind of skeptic about this area of it to begin with, but this was the first video I actually went along with and... to my surprise it worked.. I turned off my fan and everything to make sure there was nothing screwing with me and I'm actually surprised.. haven't tried spinning it yet, but I'll try soon. I swear I can't stop smiling right now XDï ” ~mdwil214


“iv watched all 3 tutorial videos, masterful. never been a skeptic but i am skeptic about how others show their tk skill on other tutorials. yours is by far the best tutorial. very clean.” ~Leo Mercado


“oh!i am so relieved... . i watched many videos of yours because i realized you gave me brief basics that can be easily understand especially the tin foil and the paper and the water.. . and the smoke..(awesomeness!) thank you a lot.” ~Kayaa-chan kurenai


“I just posted a video up after two days of practicing. You must believe.”

~Emmanuel Quezada


“Hello there, I subscribed to you back in July and I absolutely LOVE your content! I have actually been practicing Pyrokinesis ever since I saw your video of you demonstrating it. I have gotten fairly good at simple things such as snuffing out flames of a match when I want it to. Or even just making the fire flicker. I want to thank you for all your amazing videos and helping me believe that I too can unlock these parts of my mind. Have a great day. Namaste. :)” ~TheSeriousMinersHD


“I can see the energy seeping out of your hands, A very powerful healer you are Trebor.” ~Coleton Griffiths


“I am truly amazed. The first time it happened (after 20 minutes) I thought 'its my breath'. After covering my mouth and nose I repeated the falling foil experiment time and again. Thanks for sharing.” ~Chauserable


“o my god i did it there was no air coming in or out i felt it set it down closed my eyes and thought of it falling and it fell lol honestly ima bit freaked out”

~Gail Davis


“Thanks for your teachings. Theres so much crap about the subject, so I highly apprecciate real deal stuff. I got a PSI Wheel vid, tho I wouldn't say it's a bad exercise, esp. with no finger motion... see my vids. Peace” ~Harry Hasler


“I truly believe in all of these things, and i am very thankful with you, yesterday when i moved that little foil felt like a dream men, just thanks thats all i can say! :)” ~102 Francisco Alberto Corcuera Favela


“Thank you so much for that video It was really awesome for you to share your knowledge and be so generous with your research. All the best. I can't thank you enough for your selflessness and gift that you are to humanity. Lots of love my dude.” ~Jeremy Nudell


“Your videos have been helping me a lot! My minds blown from it own power :D” ~Infinite beings


“yes, i have to agree with some of these posters. your vids are well done, and not boring, quick and to the point, without an hour of blah blah blah, thanks so much !” ~digitalhammer1


"thank you 1000 times for the help! i've learned the most of my tk from your videos please do not stop! big love from eu” ~Jack Overgaard


“Hi, im currently looking into telekinesis and lately I have been having progress. I tried your methods and it works!! I moved the psiwheel, the folded paper and i even tried something harder as in tying a string to something and making it move without my hand. ~LovelyDoses Deformed Diva


“thanks now i can move simple things like foil and paper learning from you will make me a hero” ~Tew Cool


“Hi Trebor, I'd just like to let you know that thanks to your cloud busting video, I am easily able to disperse small clouds. I watched other cloud busting videos before yours, but they all made it seem difficult to achieve, therefore I had no success until I watched your video. So thank you very much for all your great videos. I watch them everyday. P.S. Can you believe it took me 3 days to realize that your name Trebor is Robert spelled backwards? Lol! Peace” ~Dee Vigga


“Trebor thanks for helping and inspiring people, don't pay attention to the skeptics, you are great!” ~ewerson18


“tnx., yes I watched some of your videos and I must say they are really nice. One of the rarest I've seen on youtube that seems to be genuine :)”

~Lord Emilous


“so helpful I made the tin spin on a puffy paint tip!:D love this” ~Dragon girl 115


“hi trebor, ive just been watching your videos, and i gotta say im very impressed by your abilities and how knowledgeable you were on the subject of psychokinesis in its various forms.” ~TkChild Nova


“wooooooowwwww didnt beileve it. tried it with a straw balanced it on a small bottle of cologne at first i thought i was just seing what i wanted to see because it was just small little shakes.....then the straw did a 180. i panicked out of excitement. took me ten minutes to get to do anything again.” ~Greg Darnell

“Trebor!! I've been watching your videos lately, and they've been helping me so much! Post more about telekinesis.” ~Key Arch


“I thought it was the Best Telekinesis Tutorial For Beginners, you sure did inspire me and sure bet the others thank you Trebor Seven, Namaste & Peace on your training :D” ~Edward Rosa


“This is amazing! I tried it and the third time it worked :D! It sorta freaked out my little sister though.” ~WobbaFett9001


“You are awesome! My mum and I are very spiritual people and take it serious. I want to be much more in tuned with my abilities. I have done so much research about spirituality. I'm a telepathic, medium and psychic who wants to become more spiritually strong. I am spiritually connected to certain people and we feel each others energies, have visions and hear each other. We beings are all spiritual, a lot of people tune into it and others don't. I think it's amazing! I've had very awesome experiences. I'm learning everyday from Trebor, and all credit goes to him! Light and love to you!” ~Antoinette Piastrino


“it moved and scared the crap outa me hahahahahahha i wasn't using my hands and it just plopped to the side, this vidoe was really helpful thanks” ~Kiernan Dennis-Foley


“Good job on the video Trebor! I was actually meaning on contacting you, so maybe we could chat on skype, but now that you did this awesome video, I see how I can learn from you without chatting much... more practice :) Thank you so much! You are a great teacher already!” ~Jacobson


“This is the best TK tutorial. Thanks a lot.” ~Anas Chebbare


“This is the best video tutorial on telekinesis I have ever seen! My biggest break through so far is rolling a full 13oz can of Reddi Whip across my kitchen counter from several feat away without hands. I was skeptical of Avatar Energy because they charged money looks like I may have to reconsider.” ~Master Woo


“Love the way you teach this - practical, simple, fun yet profound. Thanks Trebor!” ~Peta Morton


“Trebor your tutorials are fantastic! Dude I was able to move my lil psi wheel in less than 3 days with no hands and using what you call "empathy" I held my breath in to make sure I wasn't moving it.” ~dbstman R


“You have such a brilliant way with energy! your videos are amazing sir!!!!!! i want to thank you for giving me more confidence to use TK/AK and helping me understand the way energy works :)” ~ Jordan Boyce

“I believe that there is more to life than physical matter and I'm trying to unlock more areas of my brain. Your videos really help man, your a great teacher. :)” ~JackWgn

“I don't think you realize Robert, but you're honestly one of the most believable Telekinesis practitioners on YouTube.” ~ExtremeEncounter


“Apparently I have lots of energy, but TERRRRRIBLE control. Did the dollar thing, budged it a bit when I was trying. Took a quick break, literally seconds after putting it in the back of my mind, I turn to see the damn thing do three complete rotations. I'm just like "WTF? PS Dude, you're among the best I've seen on YouTube.” ~Tsukune Aono


“This just helped me like crazy.....Im going to make a video now.” ~EL3VISION


“Thanks, i was worried that something was going on. Thanks your lessons really helped. I tried before with telekinesis before and it didnt go so well. Your lessons helped a lot. Thanks again.” ~Colby Ponzo


“I just want to thank you for your videos. If it weren't for you I would have never discovered any of these possibilities. Before you, I would completely roll my eyes at this stuff.. I'm only on my second day and can control the direction. Thank you thank you thank you very much for your videos. You helped me open my spirituality again. I'm so grateful.” ~prittykitty


“Hey Trebor Seven i just wanted to tell you that you were the person that inspired me to start telekinesis and psychokinesis e.t.c. So I just want to say a big THANK YOU.” ~D’roll


“im 19 years old i love your teachings its great advise could you do some of this stuff with your hand its then with your mind? i catch on better that way. i do love your method if you had a school to teach this i would pay money to go. thank you.” ~Blade Moody


Its real! I never 100% believed it until I did it myself. You just have to give it a go. ~R94A21


“Hi i subscribed a couple months ago,and would like to say i moved a piece of tin foil towards myself. Some blasts were big some were small but i moved it a couple a inches. My mom told me how to collect chi (she does healing) so i collected it a used it on that tin foil. I would like to say thanks for actually being someone real that does these kind of things. Thank you and Namaste” ~Liam Mahan


“Trebor seven I am loving your video's.. you've brought hope into my heart for my Purpose... I am a super empath, a clairvoyant, a clairaudience.. but i wish to learn abilities visible to the human eye so i can speed up my process of removing skeptical view's other's have upon me...” ~Project-TAO


“Love this video, i've always thought that mankind have some sort of extra sensory ability, but then again i've also been a bit skeptic but i love the fact you eliminated all the factors that made me doubt. Cool video and i'll definitely gonna have a go at this.” ~Alexander Toft Karlsson


“super cool, was knocking down 2 objects at a time, and 1 or the other selectively before the video ended. can hardly wait to try more” ~Denise Frickey



Many more, maybe yours, coming soon!


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